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“Mark continues to set the standards for CSEA communication activities through his professionalism, work ethic, and strategic vision. He leads by example and delivers consistently strong work on behalf of CSEA members. Continues to demonstrate excellent teamwork but more importantly shows leadership among his peers within the region and across the state. Continually building relations with region leadership and has shown solid ability in community coalition building efforts. He proactively shares information resources and materials with co-workers. Always accessible and reliable. Does what needs to be done, when it needs to be done... Continues to be responsible and effective. Figures it out, but also seeks advice and guidance appropriately. Keeps lines of communications open throughout the organization. Very strong interpersonal relations at all levels within the region and beyond into the larger CSEA. Continues to maintain a clear, strategic vision about CSEA communication activities and a broader perspective on the larger CSEA agenda. Produces outstanding work product. Media relations are stellar. Writing is strong… Photography is excellent. Valuable work in the internet and social media realm… Outstanding reputation for thinking outside the box and implementing innovative approaches to communication challenges. Particularly adept at using technology creatively.”

- Mark’s 2014 performance evaluation from CSEA Director of Communications Stephen Madarasz


"I have worked with Mark for the past six years. He is very professional, very organized, and has excellent insight regarding the needs of the members he serves. As a former Public Relations Director for another NYS statewide labor union (Public Employees Federation) I believe Mark does an exceptional job communicating with the members he represents as well as communicating with the politicians, media and public about the issues facing his members. I have also been the Public Relations Director for a State University of New York College (SUNY Morrisville). Based on my experiences and my knowledge of Mark and his work ethic, I would recommend him for any Public Relations or Communications position without hesitation."

- Christine Grosse, Labor Liaison,
Fine, Olin & Anderman LLC.


"Mark's keen eye and creative spirit shines through his design work and gives his product a distinctive look which stands out from the crowd."

- Stanley Hornak, CSEA Deputy Director of Communications (retired)



“Mark has a wealth of communications and technical experience to offer. He is detail-oriented, a strong writer, and would be an asset to any employer."

- Rachel Langert, former CSEA Communications Specialist


“Mark is extremely creative with his work and has the special ability to make concepts into reality. He is a highly skilled photographer, writer and public speaker. He is an exceptional team player and his organizational skills are top-notch. Mark is also very responsible, loyal and trustworthy and these traits have earned him a wide base of respect from elected leadership, member activists, department directors and his fellow workers.”

- Michael Ottaviano, CSEA Field Mobilization Specialist


"Mark has the highly desired ability to communicate effectively on many levels. He is an excellent writer/journalist/editor; has that natural, almost unteachable, skill to envision and then produce outstanding, expressive photographs; and is an at-ease, effective and inspiring speaker at meetings or in one-on-one situations. He is very computer literate, a big plus in the world of modern communications. On the basis of his abilities, his achievements to date and his future potential, I recommend Mark without reservations."

- Roger Cole, former Editor, the CSEA WorkForce